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These lucky dogs all have homes. If you are looking to adopt, visit the Adoption pages at DDEAF


If you've recently brought a deaf dog into your life, or even if you've had one for years, you may want to learn more about owners of similar dogs.

We are the original and largest online deaf dog community, who share advice and stories, both silly and serious. Would you like to join us?

Our email community also provides a forum for listmembers to advertise deaf dogs who need homes, and homes that need deaf dogs. (We think most homes would benefit from a good deaf dog, but then again that's just us.)

Who & Where We Are

Just click on an area above. Maps will direct you to profiles of deaf dogs and the people who love them.

You don't need to join the deafdogs email list to have a profile of your deaf pup included on this site. Fill out this form and submit a picture if you have one.

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